About Us

For 2020, Maison Aazria, presents the new premium series BRILLANTE, for those looking for the eclectic with strong elements of romance and high aesthetics.

Haute Couture bridal and evening dresses, of exceptional quality, promise to make your dream come true on your wedding day. Materials such as natural silk, fine lace and details of crystals and semi-precious stones, all embroidered in hand, are the basic material for clothes that resemble true artwork. The future to-be bride, by choosing one of the Aazria's creations, will impress with its elegance and femininity, since our philosophy wants every woman to show through her dress her personality and style. Maison aazria, imports exclusive textiles from every corner of the globe combined with its experienced staff and unique creative and design strategy guarantee a perfect end result.

For 2020, Maison Aazria, always faithful to its high standard of aesthetics, presents the Brillante Collection, a new premium line, the concept of which is refined, precious fabrics, appliqué flowers and exclusive handmade lace designs. This new collection is addressed to all those women that desire, when choosing a bridal or evening dress, to stand-out and impress, emphasizing on her uniqueness and elegance.